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Hoop buildings for ocean storage containers

Contractors, business owners, farmers, and every day homeowner are constantly in search of locating cost efficient outdoor storage for equipment, vehicles, boats, and bulk materials.    Ocean shipping containers have become a quite popular solution.    Ocean containers are portable, durable, and are considered temporary which relieves the owner from paying property tax which is typical with permanent storage structures such as wood and metal framed buildings.

Another option to increase storage space is to place a hoop building on top of the storage containers.   The hoop building width can be determined by the distance between the storage containers.    The space beneath the hoop building and between the storage containers can provide for a great deal of storage.   By placing the building on top of the storage containers, it can also provide for additional height for heavy equipment such as dump trucks, A class motorhomes, and excavation equipment.

Hoop buildings can be fastened to the top of the storage containers utilizing the base plates which have pre drilled holes to utilize with bolts or other fasteners.   The weight of the containers provides the anchoring system to prevent uplift of the hoop building.

There are a variety of different size hoop buildings to mount on ocean containers.  Many customers desire a narrow space such as a 20’ wide while other customers need to maximize interior space and need a 42’ wide unit.  Different color options are also available to match the surroundings for aesthetic appeal.   Most white covers allow for more interior lighting.

We invite all prospective purchasers to view our large selection of hoop buildings, shelters and carports for outdoor economical storage.

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