Construction site sheds

Our large selection of construction site fabric covered storage buildings and job site sheds provide contractors with an economical solution for temporary or long term storage. Polyethylene covered hoop buildings and sheds can be quickly erected on any mounting surface including block walls, gravel, concrete pads, and storage containers for added internal clearance. Common applications include on site storage for equipment, tools, warehousing, and vehicles. In addition, contractors and business owners will utilize these buildings for direct cover and protection for welding and sandblasting. Upon completion of activities at the construction or job site, buildings can be disassembled efficiently and relocated to the next job site. The benefits of our portable construction site buildings are endless for contractors and job site applications. Frames are manufactured from corrosion resistant structural steel tubing and woven polyethylene which is thermally sealed at the seams for a watertight seal. Covers are securely tensioned to the frames utilizing a rugged ratchet tension system. Construction site sheds and buildings can be completely enclosed at both ends for environmentally controlled conditions on the inside of the structure. End panels can be equipped with fabric rollup or steel doors for easy access to internal contents. We invite all prospective purchasers to view our large selection of construction site hoop buildings and storage sheds. All buildings are conveniently arranged by width to the left.