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Storage buildings - wall mount

We offer one of the widest selections of fabric covered wall mount storage buildings, barns, and portable shelters for industrial, commercial, agricultural, recreational vehicle, and bulk storage applications. Our wall mounted structures below are only intended to be installed on poured walls, wood headers, blocks, or containers for added clearance. Fabric covered wall mount hoop buildings and barns are designed for the customer who desires added storage clearance height. The height of these storage buildings includes a 4' wall. Polyethylene covered storage buildings and structures can be mounted on concrete poured walls, storage containers, wood posts, concrete blocks, or any other wall which can adequately support the fabric structure. When mounting these barns, the outside edge of the wall is required to be within 5" of the outside edge of the building. The cover is tensioned by a pipe which inserts into a "pocket" in the "tarp" cover. The cover extends slightly below the top side of the wall to prevent moisture from entering the building. Our wall mounted hoop buildings and barns are available in a wide array of sizes from 20' - 42' wide. Leg spacing ranges from 4' - 5' depend on the building model. Wide based foot pads are assembled to the bottom of each leg as a means of fastening the storage building to the wall. The woven polyethylene covers are thermally sealed at the seams to prevent water from entering. Hoop (arched) shapes allow for moisture to escape off the sides much easier as compared to an A-frame structure. Structure and barn cover colors are available in white, green, gray, and tan. Gray, green, and tan colors have an available skylight across the top center for added interior illumination. Frames consist of galvanized structural steel tubing. Arches or "hoops" have swaged tubing to allow for easy storage building assembly as one end is reduced to slide inside of another and fastened utilizing screws or bolts. End panels are available in a wide variety of options include a fabric rollup panel or overhead coiling sheet door. A complete set of assembly instructions is provide for all storage buildings and fabric shelters for easy setup and construction. For a complete list of our fabric structure and hoop building products, please select by size on the browser to the left.

Fabric covered are intended to provide consumers with the ideal outdoor storage solution for equipment, vehicles, agricultural applications, warehousing, and construction sites. In order to make an informational decision, we always strive to provide our potential customers with the maximum amount of information possible. There are a number of common questions which can be answered by viewing our frequently asked questions page. In addition, our terms and conditions page will provide consumers with specific details regarding their storage building purchase. We always strive to provide a desirable purchasing process. Our ordering and shipping page provides consumers with more details regarding ordering and delivery. All storage building customers desire to understand the complete warranty situation regarding their product. As a result, our warranty and returns section will provide all of these details for storage shelters and buildings. If for any reason, these information pages do not answer your questions, will invite you to contact us by email or phone. We will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible regarding your building of interest.