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Need a replacement cover for an outdoor canopy, shade tent, or shelter? Our covers are custom made in the USA with quality materials

Outdoor shade canopies and carport shelters are one of the most affordable temporary protective solutions on the market for homeowners, business owners, and consumers.  Common applications for shade canopies and carport shelters include backyard parties, tradeshows, smoking shelters, and seasonal vehicle storage. Outdoor canopies and shade shelters can offer years of protection, however, long exposure to sun, lack of maintenance, and exposure to moisture can sometimes deteriorate the cover.   We offer US manufactured high quality, durable replacement canopy covers, tops, and end panels manufactured in the United States that fit any brand canopy.  Box stores have sold thousands of outdoor canopies, carports, and shelters to consumers across the United States of America.  The vast majority of these canopies are manufactured overseas with materials that often do not meet US consumer standards for quality and longevity.  The life expectancy of these covers can be very short which leaves the consumer with a frame that has limited to no use without the canopy cover or top.  Our canopy and shelter replacement covers can be custom manufactured to fit any size and shape unit.   This includes the traditional peak style, gable style, and even round style frames.

Our canopy replacement covers are manufactured from woven coated polyethylene which is heat sealed at material joints for a watertight seal.   Polyethylene is a like “tarp” like material which has little to no expansion when tension is applied.  Polyethylene is utilized on very large commercial and industrial fabric structures to store bulk materials and large equipment for the oil & gas, mining, and agricultural industry.   The rugged replacement material we offer is available in several different options.   The first option is a 24 mil 12.5 ounce per square yard in thickness and weight with the 2nd option being a 22 mil 10 ounce per square yard in thickness and weight.  Exterior color options include white, green, tan, and gray.  All colors have a white interior for enhanced illumination and natural lighting.

Replacement canopy covers include a durable ratchet tension system which attaches the canopy top tight to the shelter frame.  A pocket is thermally welded and fused into the cover on both sides which covers the entire length of the canopy structure.   Galvanized steel tubing installed into the pocket covers the entire length of the canopy on both sides and allows the straps to place tension on the replacement cover.   Durable polyethylene straps are wrapped around the steel pipe in the pocket which is then inserted into a ratchet buckle that is fastened to the frame and tightened to place tension on the replacement cover.  A pocket is thermally fused into the canopy cover on both ends to allow for strap installation.  A tension strap is pre installed into this pocket for tension with ratchets attached to the frame to maintain tension in all directions.   Please note that we do not use grommets and inferior fastening devices.   An easy to understand instruction manual is provided with all canopy replacement covers.

Prior to ordering a replacement cover for your outdoor canopy or shade shelter, it is very important to closely inspect the canopy frame for any damage or defects such as burrs, fasteners, corrosive material, or debris which can cause defects to the canopy cover.   All canopy replacement covers are closely inspected for defects prior to shipment.  As a result, the warranty will be void if the cover damage occurs from a defective frame or if debris has not been removed from the canopy frame.   The general integrity of the shelter frame must also be verified to assure it is able to withstand mild wind and rain conditions.

Upon completing the inspection of the frame for defects and structural integrity, there are a number of canopy frame measurements required.    These measurements are extremely important to be assured the proper size replacement cover is manufactured.   Common household tools such as a step ladder and tape measure are needed to obtain the required measurements on the canopy frame.  Keep in mind that measurements must be accurate within inches to obtain a cover which fits properly.  The required measurements are listed below with the most critical measurements being the roof distance and frame length.  DO NOT PROVIDE MEASUREMENTS FROM THE EXISTING COVER.  

  1. Roof distance (angled pieces)
  2. Length of the canopy (closed side)
  3. Width at ground level
  4. Height to top center
  5. Leg spacing (center to center)
  6. Leg outside diameter in inches (this must be very accurate)
  7. Zipper door height (if end panel with door is needed)
  8. Zipper door width (if end panel with door is needed)

We also offer custom manufacture end panels, sidewalls, and enclosures.  Many customers desire to have a completely enclosed shelter to protect the contents or occupants from the elements.  In this case, zippers may be needed to allow entry into the canopy.   Zippers can be installed on one or both ends of the shelter.  All end panel covers ship in square or rectangular shapes due to each canopy shelter being unique in shape.   All replacement end panels are shipped with aluminum grip clips and self drilling machine screws to hold the replacement panel securely to the frame.

Upon completion of the frame inspection and measurements, please contact us with the measurements, desired material, and a complete shipping address.   We will then provide an accurate quote with an approximate delivery time.   Replacement covers and end panels ship on wood pallets and boxes to protect against shipping damage.