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Commercial canopies

Commercial canopies are rugged steel framed structures designed for moderate all season shelter. Unlike most canopies, these structures feature a galvanized steel frame with narrow leg spacing for superior rigidity. Commercial canopy tops are manufactured from heavy duty grade woven coated 24 mil thickness polyethylene which is thermally sealed at the seams for a watertight seal. Rugged ratchets are straps hold the cover securely the frame to prevent uplift. White canopy covers and traditionally the most popular, however, other colors are available to match the desired customer surroundings. Canopy frames consist of various hardware, fittings, and fasteners in addition to the galvanized steel frame. A variety of anchoring options are available to accommodate customer needs including augers and ground posts for dirt and asphalt applications. Flat based foot pads can be used for concrete pads and wood bases. Optional end and gable panels are available for a partial or completely enclosed application. All commercial grade canopies include an easy to understand instruction manual for easy setup and construction. Contact us today for a custom quote on your commercial canopy. NOTE THAT PHOTO IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ACTUAL SIZE.

Our commercial canopies are intended to provide consumers with the ideal outdoor shelter solution for social gatherings and outdoor events. All products have optional end and side panels in the event of harsh weather. All products can be quickly assembled by following the easy to understand instruction manual which is included with each product. In order to make an educational decision, we always strive to provide our potential customers with the maximum amount of information possible. There are a number of frequent questions which can be answered by viewing our frequently asked questions page. In addition, our terms and conditions page will provide consumers with specific details regarding their commercial tent purchase. We always strive to provide a desirable shade canopy purchasing process. Our ordering and shipping page provides consumers with more details regarding tent ordering and delivery. All shelter customers desire to understand the complete warranty situation regarding their product. As a result, our warranty and returns section will provide all of these details for commercial tents. If for any reason, all of these information pages do not answer your questions, will invite you to contact us by email or phone. We will answer your questions quickly and efficiently.