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Sand and salt storage buildings provide landscapers and government agencies with flexible storage alternative

Fabric covered salt storage buildings provide landscaping companies and government related organizations with an economical shelter solution for bulk materials such as salt and sand.   When compared to traditional wood and metal buildings, fabric covered salt storage buildings are more cost efficient, offer natural interior lighting, can be erected significantly faster, and are portable in nature.   In addition, these structures offer significant flexibility due to the ability to be mounted on concrete slabs, dirt, asphalt, wood header walls, containers, and concrete block walls.   Polyethylene salt storage buildings must be mounted on a poured concrete wall or concrete block wall due to the bulk material nature.

In addition to salt and sand storage, fabric buildings are frequently utilized in the agricultural, construction, warehousing, and manufacturing industries for equipment, bulk material, and vehicle storage.   A variety of different sizes and shapes are available to accommodate customer needs and applications.  Round shaped buildings are extremely economical and perform well in harsh weather conditions.  Straight sided buildings are also available which provide maximum use of internal space.

Frames typically consist of round galvanized structural steel tubing for corrosion resistance.  The legs or supporting members of the salt storage buildings can be either single or double chord configurations.   The double chord configurations have the cross members to allow for added durability.  The single chord structures traditionally consist of swaged tubing which is assembled using fastening hardware such as bolts.

All fabric storage structures offer mounting base plates with pre-drilled holes for each frame leg.  The mounting base plates allow the salt storage building to conveniently be fastened to concrete mounting blocks or a poured wall.    Depending on the wall configuration, the cover extends beyond the bottom of the building frame to prevent moisture from entering the storage building.

Covers are manufactured from 12.5 ounce per square yard 24 mill thickness woven coated polyethylene which is thermally sealed at the seams for a watertight seal.  Covers include a rugged ratchet tension system to hold the material tight to the building frame.  A pocket is fused into the cover on both sides on the inside length of the building.   Structural steel tubing  installed into the pocket extends the entire length of the building.   Durable tension straps are wrapped around the steel pocket pipe which are then inserted into a rugged ratchet buckle that is fastened to the frame or the mounting wall and tightened to maintain tension on the salt storage building cover.  A pocket is also fused into the cover on the width side of the salt storage building.   A tension strap is installed into this pocket for tension with ratchet buckles attached to the frame to maintain tension in all directions to provide for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.   A variety of cover color options are available to accommodate customer needs including white, gray, tan, and green.  

End panels and framing are also available for to provide customers with a completely or partially enclosed building option.   Durable steel end framing provides the fabric panels with support in harsh weather conditions.   Salt storage buildings typically have the solid rear end panel option only due to the desire for the customer to have complete access to the front side of the building.

We invite all prospective customers to view our user friendly website which conveniently provides, pricing, warranty, and specification related information for all fabric covered salt storage buildings.    All storage structures come complete with a user friendly installation manual that has many photos and diagrams for easy understanding.

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