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Car shelters

Many of today’s consumers are looking for an economy based alternative outdoor storage solution for their valuable possessions such as lawn mowers, campers, cars, trucks, trailers, and RVs. One of the most cost effective, yet durable outdoor storage solutions is a fabric car shelter. Often referred to as portable garages, car shelters typically utilize a metal frame with a “tarp like” cover that is tensioned or tightened to the frame by ratchets and heavy duty strapping. Car shelters can be assembled on any surface such as a concrete slab, gravel, dirt, concrete wall, wood wall, and even rocky soil. There a number of advantages in purchasing fabric car shelters with just some being listed below. One of the key advantages to these car storage structures is the portability. Unlike wood or metal storage sheds, they can be easily disassembled and relocated to another property or a different location within the same property. Another advantage is that only basic household tools are required for assembly (and disassembly). The lightweight and compact nature of the carport canopy components and fabric material makes for easy transportation and portability.
Another key advantage is related to building permits and property value. Due to their “temporary & portable” nature, a building permit is typically not required for canvas shelters. We invite all prospective purchasers to view our large selection of car storage products and shelters which are conveniently listed by size to the left. Details such as prices, specifications, and warranty can be viewed by selecting the appropriate photos below.

Our car shelters are intended to provide consumers with the ideal outdoor storage solution for cars, trucks, boats, trailers, ATV's, SUVs, and equipment. Our customer base typically has a number of commonly asked questions which can be answered by viewing our frequently asked questions page. The terms and conditions page will provide consumers with specific details regarding their car shelter purchase. Our goal is to provide each customer with every detail before the purchase. The ordering and shipping page provides consumers with more details regarding ordering and delivery. All car shelter customers desire to understand the complete warranty situation regarding their product. The warranty and returns section will provide all of these details for fabric car shelter line. If for any reason, all of these information pages do not answer your questions, we invite you to contact us by email by email or phone and we will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible.