Tent sheds

We offer one of the largest selections of fabric covered, metal framed tent sheds and carports at competitive and affordable prices. Our tent carports are one of the most cost efficient outdoor storage solutions available. Common uses include car, truck, trailer, ATV, snowmobile, equipment, tent camper, and boat storage. Unlike "permanent" wood and metal sheds, these tent fabric sheds are considered "temporary" in nature. This typically results in no property tax adjustments and eliminates the hassle in obtaining building permits and variances. In addition, all shed products come complete with a detailed instruction manual for easy setup and assembly. Most tent sheds require only common household tools for construction. Consumers with little to no experience in construction can erect one of these portable sheds. Our tent sheds consist of tightly woven polyethylene fabric which tensioned tightly to the frame utilizing rugged steel poles, straps, and ratchets. Frames consist of either galvanized or painted round steel for corrosion resistance. Other portable shed frame components consist of various bolts, screws, brackets, and other hardware which can be easily assembled. Wide based foot plates fasten to the bottom of each tent shelter leg for superior "anti-sink" properties. Another advantage of portable sheds is that they can be mounted to any surface for a wide variety of customer options. Shed anchoring is available for all different types of mounting surface options. Auger anchors are utilized for dirt, gravel, and asphalt applications, while foot plates are utilized for concrete and wood applications. Tent shed shipping is available to anywhere within the US and Canada. Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada shipments do require special quotes. We invite all prospective customers to browse our user friendly website for a complete listing of our shelter products. All tent structure products are arranged by size to the left for easy navigation. Specific details such as specifications, prices, and warranty information can be obtained by clicking on the photos.