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Warehouse tents

With the ever increasing cost of wood and metal products, many manufacturers and business owners are seeking a lower cost warehouse storage alternative to store parts, vehicles, equipment, and bulk materials. Warehouse tents and hoop buildings are one option to consider due to a number of different advantages over conventional storage buildings.  These are metal framed structures which utilize a fabric cover tensioned tightly to the frame via ratchets and nylon strapping which can be erected on concrete pads, asphalt, gravel, dirt, and block walls.   The temporary nature of warehouse tents and structures allows them to typically be built without the need for building permits.  This allows for quick use of the tent building for warehousing as opposed to waiting on costly building permits. Our fabric covered warehouse buildings have optional access to both ends with durable steel overhead and service doors. We invite all prospective consumers to view our large selection of hoop buildings and shelters by selecting the appropriate width to the left.