Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are assembly instructions included within the shipping package?
A: Yes.   All packages have assembly instructions included within the shipping container at no extra cost

 Q: What tools are required to assemble the product?
A: The tools required vary by product, however, several combination wrenches, mallet, screwdrivers, cordless drills, and a step ladder are typically required.   Larger shelters require additional equipment.

Q:  How many people are required to erect these shelters and buildings?
A:  Smaller shelters can be erected with (2) capable adults.   Larger products may require up to 3-4 capable adults.

Q:  How much time does it take to erect my product?
A:   Smaller buildings (10' wide or less) can be erected in 2-4 hours.  Medium sized products may require 1-2 full days.   Larger products may require 4-8 days.

Q:  How is my shelter secured (anchored)?
A:   Auger anchors are used on dirt, sand, and rocky soil.  Ground post can be utilized on some canopies.  Foot plates (or flat bases) can be used on wood, concrete, gravel, dirt, and asphalt.  Foot plates are recommended for all applications.

Q: Is my product UV protected?
A:  Yes.  Your product has UV protection agents within the polyethylene cover to resist fading and damage from sunlight.

Q: Is my building corrosion resistant?
A: Yes.  Sale and Shade Series garages have a powder coated steel frame while the Hoop and Storage Series products have a galvanized frames (best).

Q: Can my product be erected on any surface?
A: Yes.   Your product can be erected on dirt, sand, concrete, wood walls, containers, asphalt or any other surface with the proper anchoring.  Wall mounted structures are to be mounted on walls only

Q.  Is insurance needed for these structures?                                                                                                                 

A.  Although insurance is not required, Sheltervision LLC strongly recommends purchasing insurance in the rare event of building damage.

Q: Are their snow and/or wind load rating with these products?
A: Although these products perform well under snow and wind, products which are 42' wide and less do not have snow or wind load ratings.

Q: Do I need a building permit to place one of these units on my property?
A: The overwhelming majority of the time, building permits are not needed due to the "temporary nature" of these structures.   However, we recommend consulting with local authorities prior to purchase.

Q:  What is the life expectancy of the cover for my garage?
A:   Sale series products with a 9 oz cover have a 3-7 year life expectancy.   Hoop Series covers have a 7-10 year life expectancy.  Shelter and Storage Series covers have a 12-18 year life expectancy.  Note that cover life expectancy can vary depending on assembly, environment, and owner care.

Q:  Can the product be returned?
A:   No.  Products cannot be returned.   In the event of an honored warranty claim (ie.  incorrect part, defective part, missing part), the customer will be sent a replacement part an no charge.

Q:  Can an order be cancelled?
A:   Shipped orders cannot be cancelled.  Unshipped orders can be cancelled with a 10% charge.

Q: What is the shipping method for my product?
A:  Smaller products are shipped via UPS.   Larger products are shipped via (Less than Truckload) LTL freight.  Customers must be present to take delivery.

Q: What is the approximate shipping time for my product to arrive?
A:  Shipping arrival time can be vary from 4-15 business days for the time of the order. However, shipping time can vary depending on inventory levels, location within the US, and demand.  Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada shipments may require additional time.

Q: In what type of shipping container does my product arrive in?
A: Smaller garages are shipped in a box.   Larger garages and fabric buildings are shipped via skids.