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Return and Warranty Information


Each product has different warranty terms.   Warranty terms are indicated in the "warranty section" on each specific product page.   

WHAT IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY:   Manufacturers/distributors/retailers of these products are not responsible for the following:   (1)   Used products;   (2)   Any product that that been used, altered, or modified in any way;  (3)  Depreciation;    (4)   Damage caused by lack of reasonable and proper maintenance;   (5)   Failure to follow instructions, directions, drawings    (6)    Improper installation, misuse or lack of proper protection during installation, use or storage;   (7)   Damage resulting from accident or falling objects;   (8)   Damage due to normal maintenance or lack thereof;    (9)   Exposure to harmful chemicals, fumes, or other substances, foreign or natural in the atmosphere;   (10)   Acts of God, which includes but is not limited to, wind damage, excessive snow load, flood, hail, tornado, sleet, ice, fire;   (11)  Unforeseen causes or circumstances, such as but not limited to:  added load to the structure, or any other external forces    (12)   Product which is not in the possession of the original purchaser;    (13)   Structure is not properly anchored or installed;   (14)  Third party installation fees are not covered under warranty    (15)  Loss of income, wages, travel expenses, personal property, equipment rental, fuel, meals, lodging, and/or property value are not recoverable  (16)  Any condensation damage to the product and its contents (see condensation note below).

End panels are excluded from any warranty regardless of the product series or classification.


If a product/part is deemed to be defective & not caused by the purchaser and within the warranty term limits, The Portable Garage Shelter Company will provide replacement parts at no charge to the purchaser.   Examples of defective parts are (but not limited to):  torn covers, holes in cover, bent bolts, broken ratchets.   In the event that the incorrect type and quantity of components are provided at the time of delivery, Portable Garage Shelter will provide the correct quantity and type of parts to the purchaser with no shipping or component charges.   See terms and conditions page for additional information on coverage regarding warranty and incorrect part shipments.

Portable Garage Shelter is not responsible for the following in the event of a warranty claim, lack of supplied components, or any other issue encountered during the construction and assembly process.   This list includes (but is not limited to) the following:  equipment rental or other equipment related costs, loss of income, constructon wages and costs, lodging and meal costs.

Condensation -  We strive to provide the most complete information possible so each consumer can make an educated decision prior to purchase.   Although rare, condensation may form on the inside of enclosed shelters during certain seasons.   Condensation forms when the inside of the shelter is warmer than the outside temperature.   Moisture may develop on the inside under these circumstances.   We recommend maintaining airflow to reduce temperature interior to exterior temperature variation.


Portable Garage Shelter does offer product return with a 15% restocking fee.  It is also the customer responsibility to pay for returned product shipment to and from the final destination.   Products designated as having "free shipping" have a predetermined shipping charge.  It is also customer responsibility to arrange delivery of the returned product to the manufacturer in the original condition (which includes packaging) so the product can be sold to another customer.  Upon suitable assessment of the returned package and product, the refund will be provided.   Portable Garage Shelter reserves the right to decline product returns under certain conditions.

Product ordering and payment constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated above.