Replacement covers

Portable Garage Shelter offers replacement covers for fabric covered portable shelters, carports, garages, canopies, fabric sheds, hoop buildings, and tents. Our replacement covers are manufactured from woven 12.5 oz/ square yard 24 mil polyethylene which is thermally sealed at the seams for a watertight seal. Replacement covers are 100% manufactured in the USA with quality materials, high tech equipment and quality workmanship. All replacement covers include ratchets, straps, and conduit pipe which inserts into the cover pocket. A 15 year manufacturer prorated warranty is included with these heavy duty covers. Color options include: green, tan, white, and gray. The following items are required to obtain a price quote for the replacement cover on all shelters and canopies (all measurements must be in inches):
1.) Width
2.) Length
3.) Height to top center
4.) Distance around arch or A frame shape (ground to ground)
5.) Distance between legs (center to center)
6.) Frame pipe diameter
7.) Shelter shape (round, A frame, or barn style)
8.) Desired color (white, green, tan, or gray)
9.) Mounting arrangement (asphalt, concrete pad, block wall, etc)
10.) End panel requirements (if needed); zippered door width x height)
11.) Customer contact and phone number
12.) Complete shipping address
Photos of the current shelter are welcome to support obtaining the proper product. Portable Garage Shelter is not responsible for incorrect dimensions provided by the customer.