Canvas buildings

Canvas fabric buildings are becoming an increasingly popular solution for short term storage. Many consumers and businesses are finding these cost efficient and portable shelters to be an effective alternative solution for protecting valuable assets. These canvas buildings have a wide array of uses beyond the typical vehicle storage garage. These units are frequently utilized to store cars, trucks, trailers, equipment, RVs, and boats. An enclosed canvas building contains the contents to the inside of the storage unit which provides for a more organized appearance. Depending on the size of the shelter, many businesses and consumers will utilize these canvas tents for temporary onsite warehousing or storage. These canvas storage building units typically do not require building permits which allows for shortened construction timing and quick use. Businesses may store bulk materials and equipment which is currently not in use. One common use of these portable buildings is salt and sand storage. This is typically for larger canvas structures which are mounted on concrete or wood walls. Many governmental agencies or municipalities order these buildings for salt and sand storage during winter months. There are many uses for these cost efficient canvas storage units. Some of the most common building uses are listed above, however, there are thousands of uses. We invite all prospective purchasers to view our wide array of portable building products. Details such as warranty, specifications, and pricing can be viewed by selecting the photos below