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Terms and Conditions

Portable Garage Shelter (a division of Sheltervision LLC) strives to provide the best products and services at a reasonable price for potential and ordering customers.  This informational website is targetted to provide as much informational material as possible in order for potential customers to make an educational decision.  Our products are designed to provide an optimal shelter solution at a reasonable cost.  The terms and conditions below apply to the products described on this website.

Portable Garage Shelter also assumes no responsibility for any "human caused" or "animal" related incidents.   This list includes (but is not limited to) to the following:   fire, vandalism, chemical interaction, falling objects, damage caused by animals or insects, misassembly, improper anchoring, lack of proper maintenance/care, and additional weight added to the inside or outside of the structure.

Portable Garage Shelter is not responsible for any of the following as a result of usage of these fabric structures.   This list includes (but is not limited to) the following:  loss of wages, loss of income, depreciation, property damage, litigation costs, equipment or vehicle rental, equipment damage, construction costs, fuel costs, appraisals, livestock or animal loss, and bodily injury or death.   Portable Garage Shelter strongly recommends purchasing insurance for all structures in the rare event of damage due any of the above stated items.

Portable Garage Shelter is not responsible for the following in the event of a warranty claim, lack supplied components, or any other issue encountered during the construction and assembly process.   This list includes (but is not limited to) the following:  equipment rental or other equipment related costs, loss of income, constructon wages and costs, lodging and meal costs.

All data within this website and information provided by Portable Garage Shelter including (but not limited to) quotations and other informational materials are subject ot errors and omissions.   Portable Garage Shelter reserves the right to void or not honor any orders for purchase.

Although Portable Garage Shelter products are considered "temporary/portable structures" and typically do not require building permits, Portable Garage Shelter recommends all prospective purchasers consult local authorities on building permits prior to purchase.

Although our fabric structures perform well under a variety of weather conditions, no snow or wind load ratings are provided due to the "portable structure" nature. As a result, Portable Garage Shelter assumes no responsibility for damage or destruction caused by any Act of God. This includes (but is not limited to): wind, snow, hail, lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, rain, avalanches, fire, or flooding.

Product purchase constitutes acceptance of the above terms and conditions.