Covers are most important for portable shelters

With all the chatter out there about fabric covered portable shelter durability and longevity, the characteristics of the cover must be mentioned.  Fabric covered storage sheds have become very popular in recent years due to their portability, cost efficiency, and flexibility.  After all, where can you purchase a wood and metal storage shelter for under $1000 and store vehicles and boats for a number of years.   These shelters have thousands of uses including car, truck, boat, equipment, trailer, ATV, and bulk material storage.   Portable shelters can be erected to any mounting surface including concrete pads, asphalt, dirt, and gravel.

One of the most important features of fabric covered structures is the cover.   Although the cover does not provide structural support, it does provide the barrier against the elements such as rain, sleet, snow, hail, and sun.    Many manufacturers offer a variety of different grade level covers.   Most shelter cover weights are indicated in ounces per square yard.  To put things in simplistic form, if a piece of fabric were placed on a scale which was 1 yard x 1 yard, the weight would be taken.   In general, a piece of fabric which weighs more per square yard will likely be more durable than a lesser weight piece.

Another item to consider is the type of fabric.   Most shelter are constructed of polyethylene or PVC (poly vinyl chloride).   Both material are similar in nature, however, PVC tends to '"expand" over time. as opposed to polyethylene.  Festival and event tents are typically manufactured from PVC.   These tents are frequently disassembled and re-assembled in a different location which makes PVC more optimal. 

Cover quality is extremely important when considering a portable shelter.   Thickness and type of material need to be considered.

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Hilarious photo of RV 5th wheel

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Killer deals and steals on portable shelters

Car, truck, equipment, and boat owners who are searching for economical outdoor storage need to take a look at these killer deals on portable shelters. The hunt for the most desired outdoor shelter is over as these metal framed structures can be erected to any surface including concrete pads, gravel, dirt, and asphalt.   The applications above are just a small sample of the potential uses.  Consumer who need to store trailers, ATV's, mowers, garden tools, lumber, and bulk materials.   We offer a shelter for nearly any application.   

One of the most significant reasons portable shelters are a "steal" is due to their ease of assembly and construction.   Consumers with no construction experience can quickly erect a structure in a matter of hours.  Each portable shelter comes complete with a detailed assembly manual which is pictorial and diagram based for easy understanding.

Another reason these fabric covered shelters are a killer deal is that they typically do not require building permits due to their "temporary" nature.  The temporary nature of portable shelters allows them to be relocated and re-installed with minimal effort.   Although this is typical, our recommendation is to contact local zoning and permit authorities prior to purchase.

We offer these "killer" deals in a wide variety of sizes including our 8' - 10' wide units which are frequently used for homeowner backyard storage.   The 12' - 14' wide portable sheds are widely used for cars, trucks, boats, trailers, and small equipment.   We even offer great deals on tall RV shelters.

Browse our user friendly website for the deals of the century on portable shelters.   All units conveniently arranged by width (size) to the left.

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You can't "trump" a fabric covered portable carport

With the 2016 presidential election being just eight months way, that means spring time is rapidly coming upon us.  Another winter is gradually coming to an end.  For most of us in the United States it means warmer weather and sunshine.   After a long winter it is always refreshing to work on those outside chores which are long overdue.  One of the most common tasks we tend to procrastinate on is getting our valuable possessions such as cars, truck, equipment, and boats under cover.   It is difficult to complete this time consuming task when the weather is cold and windy.  

With warm weather "around the corner", there is no excuse for not covering your investments with a fabric covered portable carport.  Fabric carports are a fraction of the cost of a conventional metal or vinyl sided carport.   Don't worry if you have no experience in construction.   The detailed assembly manual for our portable carports is easy understand and does not require special tools for assembly.   All fabric carports can be erected on any surface including concrete pads, asphalt, gravel, and grass.   We offer a variety of anchoring systems to accommodate any of these surfaces.  

Best of all, building permits are typically not required to erect one of these freestanding structures.   Our carports are offered in sizes ranging from 10' wide to 30' wide for multiple vehicles and equipment.   The Commercial Series line of shelters and carports provide superior rigidity, galvanized steel frames, and a rugged polyethylene cover for long lasting protection.   The Standard Series features a powder coated steel frame and a lighter duty cover for the budget minded customer.  

We invite all prospective customers to view our wide array of portable carports.    Remember that you can't "trump" a fabric carport on price and flexibility.

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You can't "trump" a Portable Shelter

Business owners, consumers, and contractors are always searching for that cost efficient outdoor storage solution for vehicles, boats, RVs, tools, and inventory materials.  Anyone who has had experience with metal, wood, and vinyl storage sheds and buildings will agree that the cost to erect one of these structures can be “salty” to say the least.

Due to the cost of conventional building materials and labor, fabric covered portable shelters have rapidly become a viable option of consideration for thousands of applications beyond what is mentioned above.  Sizes can range as small as 8’ wide up to 42’ wide for commercial and industrial applications.

Portable shelters are extremely easy to assemble due to the simplistic design and hardware that does not require special tools for assembly.    Frame typically consists of round steel tubing which is “swaged” or reduced at one end for “slip fit” assembly.    Cross connectors and wedge blocks are used to connect the vertical and horizontal members of the structure.

Covers are available in a variety of weights for different applications.  Most manufacturers classify the cover material in ounces/square yard.  As a general rule, heavier (higher) ounces per square yard will provide a longer lasting cover for added protection.   Heavier covers typically result in added cost, however, this is well worth the additional price.

Due to the nature of portable shelter construction, anchors are required to secure the shelter and its contents.   Flat based foot pads are required for concrete, steel, and wood mounting surfaces while auger anchors are required for dirt, gravel, and asphalt surfaces.

All prospective portable shelter customers should investigate the potential use of these fabric structures.   They can provide for many years of use and typically do not require building permits for construction.  For these reasons, you can’t “trump” a portable storage shelter.

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