Canvas carports

We offer one of the largest selections of canvas carports for sale at the most affordable prices. The products below are just a brief sample of the products we have available. Our canvas carports are the value based alternative to the traditional metal, wood, vinyl, or brick structures. Typical carport applications include: car, boat, equipment, trailer, RV, machinery, agricultural, industrial, and bulk material storage. These freestanding canvas structures can be mounted to any surface including concrete slabs, gravel, wood platforms and even rocky soil. The smaller carports are commonly used by homeowners to store cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, trailers, and snowmobiles. One of the largest misunderstandings of these carport products is that they can only be utilized for southern region (warmer climate) applications. However, these canvas sheds are heavily utilized in northern regions such as Alaska, Canada, and the northern United States. We recommend our Commercial Series line of canvas carports for cooler climates as they are manufactured with heavier weight polyethylene ‘canvas’ material. Cover material consists of woven polyethylene which is thermally fused at the seams for superior protection against water intrusion. The Commercial Series carport cover material has a 15 year prorated warranty on the cover and a 3 year warranty on the frame. Carport arches consist of easy slip fit swaged (reduced) tubing for quick assembly. Canvas shed units are anchored in different methods depending on the mounting arrangement by the customer. Flat based foot plates anchor the carport to wood platforms, wood walls, concrete slabs, and concrete blocks. Auger anchors are utilized for "dirt" type surfaces such as gravel, sand, grass, and rocky soil. Each canvas carport unit comes complete with an easy to understand assembly manual. Prices, specifications, and warranty details are provided for each canvas structure.