Tarp buildings

We offer one of the largest and most comprehensive selections of tarp covered, steel framed quonset buildings and tarp shed kits for sale at highly competitive prices. Applications for these round storage buildings include agricultural, industrial, equipment, vehicle, and watercraft storage. These tarp shed products are a fraction of the cost of a traditional metal, wood, or vinyl sided storage building. Quonset buildings are offered in a wide variety of sizes. In addition to the items mentioned above, the 10' - 12' wide quonset sheds are commonly utilized by homeowners to store garden tools, patio furniture, firewood, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and toys. Quonset shaped sheds have a tremendous advantage over the A-frame shaped units. The quonset building shape allows for better durability in windy conditions. In addition, moisture and snow tends to roll off the sides better as opposed to a straight side shelter. Tarp building frames are manufactured from galvanized structural steel tubing to provide resistance against corrosion. Frame construction is typically "swaged" tubing which means that one end is reduced which slips inside of another. A bolt or screw is then utilized to fasten the components together. A majority of the arches are single chord (one pipe) which have 4' -5' spacing. Purlins (or horizontal pipes) provide a means to connect the arches together to provide a rigid structure. Also, these fabric buildings have corner struts which are mounted at an angle in each corner to provide for additional rigidity. Building covers are manufactured from woven polyethylene which is heat welded at the seams for superior waterproof protection. Skylights are offered for various models which have green, gray, and tan colored covers. Skylight fabric is white in color to provide for enhanced interior lighting. There are a variety of shed enclosure options available with these storage shed kits. Many customers opt to leave the end panels open to provide for ventilation, easy access, and to reduce cost. Please select the appropriate shed width to the left to begin the quonset building search.