Tarp buildings

Our fabric covered tarp buildings feature structural steel framework which consists of swaged "slip fit" tubing, brackets, and various bolts and connectors for a rigid free standing structure. Our fabric buildings are most frequently utilized for car, truck, boat, pontoon, equipment, and trailer storage. Although our Economy Series line of buildings are most commonly used for temporary applications, we do offer our Commercial Series line which is more applicable for long term storage applications. Our tarp buildings feature a UV resistant polyethylene ‘tarp’ fabric which is thermally fused at the seams for a waterproof seal. Anchoring systems are required for all tarp buildings regardless of the mounting application. Anti-sink foot pads are used for concrete and wood applications while earth augers are utilized for dirt and gravel applications. All tarp covered structures come complete with a set of assembly instructions and can be assembled by consumers with no building construction experience.