Canvas garages

Fabric covered canvas garages have become a very popular cost effective alternative outdoor storage solution for many consumers, businesses, and contractors across the United States and Canada. Our large selection of canvas storage garages are frequently utilized for car, watercraft, equipment, trailer, agricultural, and commercial storage. Fabric covered garages are a fraction of the cost of a conventional wood or metal building. All canvas shelter products can be anchored to any surface including gravel, concrete, grass, wood walls, and asphalt. Garage frames are constructed of structural steel tubing with a galvanized or powder coated (painted) finish for corrosion resistance. A majority of canvas garage products have a 4'-5' leg spacing depending on the garage model. Additional frame components consist of various welded fittings, bolts, nuts, brackets, and screws. Covers consist of heat sealed polyethylene for 100% waterproof and UV resistant protection. Our Commercial series line of garage products has a 15 year manufacturer prorated ‘canvas’ cover warranty while the Economy Series canvas garage line carries a 1 year manufacturer warranty. End panels are included with Economy series and some Commercial series tents. Anchoring systems must be appropriately selected based upon the installation surface chosen by the customer. Augers are applied when the canvas garage installation surface is gravel, sand, rocky soil, dirt, or asphalt. Wide based foot plates are strongly recommended for all mounting surfaces, however, they are required for wood platforms, concrete pads, and rails. All canvas garages come complete with assembly instructions and can be assembled by consumers with little to no experience in garage construction. The units below represent a small sample of what is offered. We invite all prospective customers to view our garages and canvas building products by selecting the appropriate size to the left.