Canvas garages

A brief selection of our canvas garages for sale are listed below. These storage shelters are an excellent value based alternative to the traditional wooden, vinyl, or metal sided garage. Uses include RV, car, truck trailer, equipment, and even agricultural storage. Often called portable garages and shelters, these woven polyethylene covered garages provide excellent outdoor shelter in all types of environmental conditions. Common uses include car, truck, boat, equipment, trailer, RV, and pontoon storage. These fabric covered storage shelters are also utilized as a backyard storage shed kit due to their portable nature. These structures can be mounted to any surface including dirt, gravel, wood, concrete slabs, and even rocky soil. Frames consist of structural steel tubing with a painted or galvanized steel finish for superior resistance against corrosion. Additional frame components consist of various connectors, bolts, screws, and welded frame components. Rafter or leg spacing is an important feature for all garage canopies. Less spacing between the legs typically indicates better durability and rigidity. Canvas cover thickness is also a critical factor for any "canvas" sheltered product. Most garage manufacturers classify the cover thickness in oz/yd2 or oz/m2. This designation indicates how much the canvas weighs per square yard or per square meter. As a general rule, more weight per square yard or meter equals a more durable material. Covers are typically available in a variety of colors. Lighter colors such as white perform better under intense sunlight conditions. Darker colors historically perform better if the customer is wishing to enclose the fabric structure and maintain a level of heat. Warranty periods can vary greatly depending on the product. Some canvas garage manufacturers can waranty the polyethylene cover up to 15 years while some only warranty for 1 year. As a general guideline, manufacturers which have a longer warranty have greater faith in the longevity of the garage cover. Please select the appropriate canvas garage photo below to begin the selection process.