Tarp sheds

Our selection of tarp sheds for sale is one of the largest and most affordable lines of storage shed products available. These fabric covered tarp buildings have thousands of uses including car, truck, boat, equipment, RV, and bulk material storage. Polyethylene, "tarp" covered shed products have thousands of outdoor uses beyond what is mentioned above. These sheds can be placed on any mounting surface including concrete pads, wood rails, asphalt, stone, sand, and even that hard soil. Portability is one of the major benefits of tarp sheds as they can be easily relocated thru disassembly. Each shed package arrives with a complete assembly manual for quick and easy setup using common household tools. Larger tarp shed products do require additional equipment beyond the normal household tools, however, consumers with no experience in construction can erect a tarp buildings in hours and or a few days depending on the size. Covers are manufactured from rip stop, durable polyethylene which is thermally sealed at the seams for a watertight seal. The cover is installed using a "sleeve" on both sides running the length of the shed. This sleeve has a steel pipe inserted which is tensioned down with ratchets or brackets depending on the model. All storage shed kits must be properly anchored to prevent damage to the shed in the event of harsh weather. Auger or spade anchors are used in "soil" type environments while wide base "anti-sink" foot plates are required on concrete and wood surfaces. The products below represent a small sample of what is offered. To view all tarp sheds, select the appropriate width to the left.