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14' wide

Our company has one of the largest and most comprehensive lines of portable garages and carports for sale to achieve all shelter purposes and customer budgets. These shelters are one of the most widely utilized outdoor storage products across North America. The photos below represent our 14' wide products which are commonly used for car, truck, SUV, trailer equpment, and boat storage. For a complete selection of all portable garages, shelters, and carports, please select by width to the left.

Consumers across North America all becoming well accustomed to viewing the 14' portable shelters and fabric buildings across the landscape. These fabric structures have become widely utilized as an economical storage solution for vehicles, watercraft, trailers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV's, and equipment. These garage and carport products can be applied to any region within United States including northern states such as Maine and Illinois. As a consumer, it is valuable to understand the differences in grades and quality levels prior to purchase. One of the most important features of a portable carport is the cover material grade and thickness. Most of these fabric garage and building products have woven polyethylene material for the cover. The polyethylene has seams where where it is heat sealed together to eliminate water leakage to the interior. The thickness (typically expressed in oz/square yard or oz/square meter) is critical for longevity and durability. Higher ounce / square yard usually equates to a higher quality product resulting in longer life expectancy. Common colors include white, gray, green, and tan. As a general rule, lighter colors perform better under intense sunlight conditions. The carport tent metal framework is also critical as it provides the support and rigidity in harsh weather environments. Larger diameter and heavier gauge steel historically equates to a more durable canvas garage. A corrosion resistant garage frame is vital also as a galvanized finish is predominantly more effective in keeping the rust away. Warranties vary by product, however, a longer warranty period usually equates to a longer life expectancy. All garage tents and carports can be installed to any mounting surface including rocky soil, asphalt, gravel, wood, steel rails, and concrete slabs.