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Replacement tarps

Portable Garage Shelter offers custom manufactured replacement tarps and covers for fabric covered buildings, structures, sheds, garages, shelters, carports, canopies, and tents.  All covers are custom manufactured to fit any size structure including round, gable, house, or A frame style units.  Our replacement tarps and covers are manufactured in the United States with high quality materials and workmanship and offer a 15 year manufacturer prorated warranty.  Replacement tarps are manufactured from 12.5 ounce per square yard coated woven polyethylene which is heat sealed at the seams for superior water proof charateristics.   Color options include white, tan, green, and gray.  All replacement tarps and covers include durable rachets and straps to place tension on the cover in all directions.  Structural steel conduit pipe which is installed into a pocket in the cover running the length of structure is included with all orders unless customer makes specific instructions to exclude from the order.   We also offer custom manufacture replacement end panels which offer the customer a completely enclosed shelter option.    End panels can have optional zipper installation for ease of entry into your structure.

Prior to considering a replacment tarp canvas cover, it is important that the customer closely inspect the existing frame for any burrs, sharp objects, or fasteners that may come into contact with the tarp as these can cause damage. The frame must also be closely inspected for it's general condition to confirm if it is suitable for a replacement tarp.  A detailed instruction manual is included with all replacement covers for easy installation.  Covers and hardware are shipped on wood pallets and protective boxes to prevent shipping damage.

The following FRAME measurements are required to obtain a price quote for the replacement tarp/cover on all shelters, structures, and canopies (all measurements must be in inches). Please do NOT provide tarp / cover dimensions.

1.) Frame width (open end);   2.) Frame length (outside to outside);    3.) Frame height to top center;     4.) Distance around arch or gable shape (ground to ground); do not provide wall height measurements if structure is mounted on a wall;  5.) Frame distance between legs (center to center);   6.) Frame pipe outside diameter;   7.) Shelter shape (round, gable, or barn style);   8.) Desired color (white, green, tan, or gray);   9.) Mounting arrangement (asphalt, concrete pad, block wall, wood wall, etc);    10.) End panel requirements (if needed); zippered door width x height (note that zipper heights are in increments of 2');    11.) Customer contact and phone number;    12.) Complete shipping address including zip code;    13.) Photos of the current shelter are welcome to support in obtaining the proper product.

Portable Garage Shelter is not responsible for incorrect measurements provided by the customer.