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Arch buildings

Arch buildings are polyethylene covered shelters which are supported by a structural metal framework. Dome buildings are very advantageous due to their portability, affordability and ease of construction by consumers who do not have construction experience. The most advantageous benefit of dome shelters is that they are a fraction of what a conventional wood, brick, metal, or vinyl sided storage shelter can cost. While the cost may be low, arch sheds can provide protection for up to 20 years before cover replacement.
   Even though arch buildings are actually classified as “temporary” structures in most instances, they can be used for thousands of applications. These arch shaped products are available in many different sizes. When considering a dome structure, it is important to consider the size of the door opening on the shelter. The smaller buildings such as 8’-14’ wide can be used to store patio furniture, bikes, toys, garden tools, motorcycles, snowmobiles, lumber, ATV’s, lawn mowers, tools, and more
   The 12’-14’ wide dome shelters are most commonly used to store cars, trucks, boats, trailers, campers, small equipment, and more!! The intermediate sized arch buildings are typically placed on gravel or concrete due to them being used to store vehicles and equipment.
   Large dome sheds are often used to store hay, tractors, trucks, etc. Many municipalities may use them to store sand and salt for the winter months. When arch buildings become larger, they are often mounted on wood posts, blocks, or a concrete foundation. We invite all prospective consumers to view our large selection of dome buildings and arch shelters by selecting the appropriate size to the left.