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Hoop barns

Hoop barns are a common sight along America’s rural landscape for a variety of reasons. These metal framed fabric structures provide a cost efficient outdoor storage solution for farmers and agricultural professionals in addition to offering short lead times for construction. The flexible design of hoop barns allows them to erected on bin blocks, gravel, poured concrete walls, asphalt, and concrete slabs. Common hoop barn applications for agricultural professionals include hay, grain, equipment, and vehicle storage. Livestock shelter is another common application, however, these situations require the barn to be constructed on a wall to prevent damage to the structure. Covers are manufactured from durable woven coated polyethylene which is thermally sealed at the seams for a watertight seal. Covers are tightly secured to the frame using a rugged ratchet tension system. Galvanized structural steel tubing, brackets, and fittings make up a simplistic design that allows for easy assembly. The selections below represent a small quantity of the hoop barns offered. Custom lengths are available with additional lead times. Contact us for a custom quote on a hoop barn to satisfy your storage needs.