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Mobile car detailing shelters

Our fabric covered shelters, tents, and canopies provide the optimal and economical mobile car detailing solution for auto detailers.  We offer portable tents and canopies from 10' - 30' wide to satisfy large and small scale operations.   Smaller tents can be assembled in minutes while the larger structures can be assembled in hours to allow more detailing time and less setup time.  The white fabric allows for more interior illumination for a better work environment.   Ends and side panels can be enclosed for those harsh weather conditions or left open for the optimal climate conditions.   The majority of our round structures feature woven coated polyethylene which is thermally fused at the seams for a watertight seal.   Car detailing tent frames consist of corrosion resistant galvanized or painted structural steel tubing.   Each tent and canopy comes complete with a set of easy to understand assembly instructions.   We provide custom quotes to our customers to satisfy their mobile car detailing needs.