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38' wide

Consumers and businesses finally have cost efficient outdoor storage alternative with fabric covered storage buildings. These woven polyethylene covered structures are widely used for equpment, salt, sand, industrial, and agricultural storage all across the United States and Canada. The selections below represent our 38' wide buildings. for a complete list of our fabric sheds and storage shelters, please select by width to the left. Shipping is available across North America. Special quotes are required for shipments outside of the (48) continental states. A complete instruction manual is provided with all building kits for easy setup and assembly. Pricing, warranty, and shipping details can be obtained by clicking the photos.

The significance of these storage building kits is that they provide a tremendous number of flexible options to the consumer or business owner. In addition to cost, portability is one of the most significant advantages as compared to the conventional A-frame wood building. Most wood and metal structures and buildings cannot be relocated without a tremendous amount of effort. Their "temporary" nature as viewed by most local building officials usually eliminates the need for any permits and variances while not increasing the tax burden. Each region with the US is different, so we always recommend consulting with local authorities prior to purchase and construction. Another important benefit is that these fabric buildings can be mounted on any surface including poured concrete walls, wood headers, rocky dirt gravel, and asphalt. Selection of the proper anchoring is important to secure the building and prevent damage to it's contents. Please view the available anchoring systems for each product prior to purchase . Ends panels are available in a variety of options depending on the fabric structure selected. Many fabric buildings are available with the ends open for easy "drive in and drive out" access. We have our enclosed storage sheds for hose businesses and consumers who desire a unit with all (4) sides enclosed we have our enclosed. The enclosed hoop building products have the option of having a door on both ends or a single end depending on customer need. Larger shelters of 30' wide and greater have the option of a coiling sheet overhead door on the Storage Series only. Although these doors are more costly, they provide a great convenience as opposed to a fabric roll-up door. A majority of the units 30' wide and greater have the "hoop" or arched shape to allow moisture to escape from the cover more rapidly.