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20' wide

Our selection of carport garages for sale is one of the largest and most comprehensive lines available for all budgets and purposes. These fabric covered shelters have thousands of uses including vehicle, watercraft, equipment, trailer, and bulk material storage. The products below represent our 20' wide portable garage, fabric building, and temporary shelter products. Click on photos to obtain details on prices, features, and warranty information.

Fabric covered carport garages cannot be overlooked as an alternative storage solution for car, truck, boat, equipment, utility tractors, and trailer shelter. These carports are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to meet the needs of the customer regardless of the purpose. The most popular carport garage is the peak style (often called "house" style). These shelters and garages provide the maximum amount of storage due to the more vertical side panels. The peak shaped carports are very common in the southern United States. The round style portable carports are most beneficial in harsh weather regions where snow, high winds, and rain are common. The "hoop" shape of these fabric shelters and carports provide for optimal wind deflection moisture run off. The garage and shelter products represented on this page represent the 20' wide shelters, however, sizes range from 8' - 42' wide to accommodate all customer needs. Lengths vary by product but are most commonly available in 4' increments. One additional style is called the "barn" style which is offered in the 12' wide structures only. Each tarp shelter must be properly anchored to the mounting surface for security. Depending on the mounting surface, there are a variety of anchoring options including auger anchors which are utilized for dirt, gravel, asphalt, and rocky soil. Wide based foot pads are utilized on all mounting surfaces, however, they are required for concrete slabs, container mounts, and wood platforms and walls. Please note that anchors must be utilized to secure all garages, carports, shelters, sheds, tents, canopies, and structures regardless of the environment. Temporary shelter tops consist of polyethylene fabric which is thermally sealed at the seams for a water proof "shell". Frames consist of galvanized or painted steel tubing for corrosion resistances. End panels are listed as optional or included on certain products depending on the model. Assembly manuals are included with each product and can be assembled by consumers with no prior constructions experience. Carports and garages can be shipped to anywhere within North America.