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Hay storage buildings

Fabric covered hay storage buildings and hay barns have become the economical and long term choice for farmers and ranchers for hay storage.  Afforability and flexibility is what makes these structures stand apart from the traditional wood and metal storage buildings.   Many consumers tend to utilize tarps and other direct cover materials, however, these applications tend to quickly detioriate over time.  Fabric covered hay barns and buildings provide the structural rigidity for the cover to remain tensioned tightly to the frame.  The round or arched shape of hay buildings offers superior performance in all types of weather environments.   Hay barn covers are tensioned tightly to the frame using a rugged ratchet tension system.   Hay building framework consists of structural steel tubing which is galvanized for corrosion resistance.    The flexible design of hay storage buildings allows them to be placed directly on concrete pads, asphalt, gravel, or dirt.   For added internal clearance and hay barn protection, these structures can be mounted on concrete blocks or wood header walls.   Each hay storage barn comes complete with a set of assembly instructions for quick and setup.   All products are sorted by sized to the left for easy website browsing.  Please contact us for a custom quote for your hay storage application.