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Canvas shelters

Our large selection of canvas shelters and buildings have provided business owners, contractors, and consumers with cost efficient outdoor storage for many years. Canvas shelters are offered in a variety of sizes and grade levels to accommodate any budget and storage application. Common applications of canvas shelters include vehicle, equipment, marine, trailer, bulk material, and even manufacturing storage. Landscaping professionals, municipalities, marinas, farmers, and contractors enjoy the flexibility, portability, and ease of construction that canvas shelters offer when compared to the traditional wood or steel framed building. Due to the ‘temporary’ nature of these structures, building permits are typically not required which makes the entire process quicker and less costly.
Canvas shelter framework consists of structural steel tubing has a galvanized or painted finish for corrosion resistance and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Reduced swaged tubing design allows the frame to be assembled quickly and efficiently. Woven coated polyethylene is heat sealed at the seams for excellent waterproof protection. All canvas shelters have the option of being completely enclosed for those harsh weather environments including Canada and the Northern United States.
The photos below represent just a small selection of our products. All canvas shelters are arranged by size to the left. Selecting the photos provides detailed information on prices, specifications, and warranty.

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