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30' wide

Our company offers one of the largest selections of outdoor fabric storage buildings and sheds for sale at affordable prices. The products below represent the 30' wide structures which are very common for industrial, agricultural, commercial, and temporary storage applications. We invite all potential customers to view our wide array of structures, buildings, and shelters by selecting the proper size (width) to the left. Details can be obtained by clicking on the photos.

Fabric covered storage sheds and buildings have rapidly become popular value based outdoor shelter alternative across the United States and Canada. These fabric structures have thousands of uses including vehicle, watercraft, RV, trailer, equipment, lumber, salt, sand, agricultural, and industrial storage. In addition to cost efficiency, these "portable" sheds and fabric buildings are typically viewed as a temporary structure by most local building officials. As a result, the cumbersome and frustrating process of obtaining building permits can be eliminated. The temporary nature historically allows the business or homeowner to be relieved of property taxes. Please note that all regions across the country are different, therefore, it is highly recommended to consult with local building authorities prior to purchase. Certain wall mounted fabric structures can be installed on a wood, poured, or concrete block wall for additional height and side wall clearance. All 30' wide outdoor shelters and buildings have wide based foot plates attached to the bottom of each leg. The purpose of the foot plates is to mount the building to the wall. Covers are woven polyethylene which is thermally sealed at the seams for a watertight seal. The Economy Series line of outdoor sheds and building products have enclosed zippered end panels for a totally enclosed unit. The heavy duty line of storage sheds have optional ends depending on the model. These heavy duty units also have optional vertical steel end frame kits to provide for superior support of the fabric end panels. Frames are manufactured from galvanized structural steel tubing or painted steel tubing for purposes of corrosion resistance. A complete set of assembly instructions is provided with each product.