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26' wide

We carry the largest and most diverse selection of portable garages and shelters for sale at competitive prices. The fabric covered shelter products are utilized for boat, truck, car, SUV, motorcycle, and garden equipment storage. The products below represent our 26' wide units. To view all portable garages, fabric buildings, carport tents, and canopies, please select by width to the left.

Woven polyethylene covered portable garages are quickly becoming the shelter option of choice for consumers who desire value and durability. We offer a tremendous selection of 26' wide garage shelters for sale to suit many consumer's needs and budgets. Often referred to as portable garages and shelters, these value based car shelters are frequently used for car, truck, boat, RV trailer, and equipment storage applications. In addition, many industrial and commercial uses are available including material storage such as salt, sand, lumber, and other bulk materials. These shelters are also widely utilized in the agricultural community for hay and farm machinery storage. The "temporary nature" of these free standing fabric structures historically allows for purchasers to bypass the building permit process. This can significantly reduce the lead times and hassles typically involved with a traditional wood, brick, or metal shelter. A second benefit is their portable nature. Depending on the size, a portable garage can be disassembled and relocated in a short period of time. Woven polyethylene covers are heat sealed to provide for 100% waterproof protection. The covers are tensioned to the frames utilizing a rugged ratchet tension system. A frame component (pipe) is inserted into a "pocket" in the cover. The pipe is pulled tight utilizing a strap which goes around the pipe. The strap runs through the ratchet and is pulled tight to maintain tightness on the cover. Covers are available in a wide variety of colors to suit all customer needs and climates. A complete set of assembly instructions is included with each product within the shipping package. No prior experience is required to build one of these garages. Bolts, brackets, fittings, and screws make up the components of a portable garage shelter. Shipping is available to anywhere within the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Custom quotes are required for regions outside the 48 states.