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Hoop buildings

Hoop buildings have become a cost efficient outdoor storage alternative for thousands of applications across the United States and Canada. These fabric covered structures offer business owners, homeowners, agricultural professionals, and contractors with a quick and simple method for sheltering equipment, vehicles, machinery, manufacturing operations, and warehousing space. Hoop buildings can be constructed on a variety of surfaces including concrete walls, blocks, gravel, asphalt, and wood header walls. The simplistic hoop construction of the swaged tubing allows for quick construction time regardless of the situation and size of the building. The temporary nature of hoop buildings typically does not require the need for building permits which further reduces cost and lead times. The durable structural steel tubing framework provides for superior rigidity regardless in all weather environments. Flat based mounting pads fastened to the bottom of each leg enable the building to be erected on any mounting surface as noted above. The covers are manufactured from coated woven polyethylene which is heat sealed at the seams for a watertight seal. Hoop building covers are available in a variety of colors to accommodate the surroundings and customer aesthetic requirements. We offer a variety of hoop building sizes ranging from 12’ – 42’ wide. Custom lengths are available on most products. Contact us for a detailed quotation or for information. The selections below are just a sample of hoop buildings we have to offer. Please select the appropriate width to the left for our entire selection.