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Tent sheds

Cost minded consumers, agricultural professionals, contractors, business owners seeking outdoor storage spacing for equipment, grain, and bulk materials have quickly become aware that conventional steel, brick, and wood storage sheds can be quite costly and time consuming to construct from start to finish. Because of these obstacles, tent sheds have quickly become the popular outdoor storage choice. Tent sheds offer cost effectiveness, durability, and ease construction for nearly any storage application. In general, tent sheds do not require building permits which further reduces cost and lead times for construction. These structures can be installed on concrete slabs, dirt, concrete blocks, asphalt, poured walls, and containers.
Canopy shed framework is traditionally manufactured from round or square galvanized structural steel tubing for corrosion resistance. A variety of fastening hardware such as framing brackets, pipe clamps, and connectors complete the tent sheds frame assembly.
Canopy shed covers are conventionally manufactured from woven coated polyethylene which is heat sealed at the seams to prevent water and moisture intrusion into the shed. Covers are tensioned tightly to the frame utilizing a commercial grade tensioning system that uses ratchets, straps, and cables depending on the design of that specific canopy shed.
A detailed instruction manual with photos and diagrams is included with each tent shed to ease the assembly process. Sheds are shipped on pallets directly to the desired customer location.
Our tent shed products are arranged by size to the left for easy website browsing. Please select the appropriate photo to obtain prices, specifications, and related warranty information. We provide custom quotes for all units.

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