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Horse barns

Fabric covered horse barns provided ranchers horse owners with an economical shelter alternative for their animals and related possessions.   Fabric covered buildings are steel framed structures that can be directly mounted to concrete pads, dirt, asphalt, wood header walls, and concrete blocks.  Mounting fabric horse barns on concrete blocks, poured walls, or wood header walls provides for additional internal and prevents the horses (or other housed animals) from having contact with the structure.   Covers are typically manufactured from woven coated polyethylene (or similar product) that is heat sealed at the seams for a tight seal to prevent moisture intrusion.   Polyethylene covers are secured to the frame utilizing pockets manufactured into the cover along with a rugged ratchet tension system.   These structures offer a significant number of advantages over the traditional steel or wood frame horse barn due to cost, natural, and flexibility in construction.  Our large selection of horse barn sizes provide horse farms with many options and prices to suit most budgets.