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Temporary sheds

With the ever increasing cost of wood and metal products, many consumers are seeking a lower cost alternative to shelter their valuable possessions. Fabric covered temporary sheds are one option to consider as due to a number of different advantages. Fabric temporary sheds are metal framed structures which utilize a fabric cover tensioned tightly to the frame via ratchets and nylon strapping. Fabric sheds have been quite popular and have a wide array of uses. Some of the most frequent uses of a temporary shelter are vehicle, equipment, watercraft, trailer, and bulk material storage. Snow, rain, sleet, and heavy sunlight can deteriorate car and truck components quickly. One of the most harmful effects of “mother nature” is sunlight. Heavy sunlight can cause rapid paint deterioration and cause harmful effects to interior components. With protection from fabric temporary sheds, the harmful effects of “mother nature” can be prevented. In addition to vehicle storage, another common use of a temporary shed is to store bulk materials such as lumber, salt, and grain. By storing the above items in a fabric shed, product deterioration can be prevented or reduced. Another common use of temporary sheds is to store trailers, boats, RVs, and equipment. Many consumers often store boats and RVs outside which exposes them to Mother Nature’s harmful effects. Tires are easily “dry rotted” after being exposed to the sun for a number of years. RVs which have been exposed to adverse weather conditions for years may experience leaks as a result of sealing component deterioration. Many businesses such as landscapers and construction companies will store trailers and construction equipment in a temporary shed to prevent weathering. We invite all prospective consumers to view our large selection of temporary sheds and shelters by selecting the appropriate width to the left. All temporary sheds are conveniently listed by size to the left. Click on photos to obtain details on prices, features, warranty, and shipping information.

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