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Damaged hoop building cover? We offer custom made replacements

Poly covered hoop buildings are one of the most cost efficient and flexible storage solutions available to agricultural professionals, contractors, business owners, and consumers.  Common storage applications include equipment, bulk storage, vehicle storage, and construction sites. Hoop buildings offer many years of protection, however, long exposure to sun, lack of proper maintenance, and Mother Nature can sometimes deteriorate the cover material over extended periods of time.   We provide high quality, durable replacement covers and end panels manufactured in the United States with quality workmanship.   View our Youtube videos which indicate the required measurements for a replacement cover and end panel.  We also demonstrate how to install a replacement cover.  Our hoop building replacement covers can be custom manufactured to fit any size and style building regardless of the shape.   This includes A frame, house style, and gable style structures.  In addition, our replacement covers can be installed to frames mounted directly on dirt bases, pads, asphalt, storage containers, or concrete block walls.

Our replacement covers are manufactured from woven coated polyethylene which is heat sealed at the seams for a watertight joint.   Polyethylene is a “tarp” like material which features little to no expansion when tension is applied.   Polyethylene is used on very large hoop structures to store bulk materials and large equipment for the oil and gas industry.   The heavy duty material we offer for hoop buildings is 24 mil 12.5 oz per square yard in thickness and weight.  Color options include white, green, tan, and gray.  All colors have a white interior for enhanced illumination and natural lighting which may reduce utility costs in many situations.

Replacement covers include a durable ratchet tension system which secure the polyethylene tight to the hoop shaped frame.  A pocket is heat sealed into the cover on both sides on the inside running the entire length of the building.   Galvanized steel tubing installed into the pocket running the entire length of the building allows the straps to place tension on the cover.   High tension straps are wrapped around the steel pocket pipe which are then inserted into a durable ratchet buckle that is fastened to the frame or the mounting wall and tightened to maintain tension on the replacement cover.  A pocket is also fused into the cover on the width side of the hoop building structure.   A tension strap is pre installed into this pocket for tension with ratchets attached to the frame to maintain tension in all directions.

Prior to ordering a replacement cover for the hoop building, it is vital that the frame be closely inspected for any damage and defects such as burrs, fasteners, corrosion, or debris which can cause defects to the cover.   All hoop building replacement covers are closely inspected for defects prior to shipment.  As a result, the warranty will be voided due to cover damage resulting from a defective frame or debris which has not been removed from the frame.   The general integrity of the building frame must also be inspected to assure it is structurally able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Upon completing the inspection of the hoop frame for defects and integrity, there are a number of measurements required.    These measurements are extremely important to obtain the proper size replacement cover.    Simple tools such as a lift, tall ladder, and tape measure are all that is needed to obtain the required measurements on the hoop building frame.  Keep in mind that measurements must be accurate within few inches to obtain a cover which fits properly.  The required measurements are listed below keeping in mind that the most critical measurements are the distance around the arch and the length of the frame.  DO NOT PROVIDE MEASUREMENTS FROM THE EXISTING COVER.   IF THE STRUCTURE IS MOUNTED ON A BLOCK OR WOOD WALL, DO NOT INCLUDE WALL HEIGHT MEASUREMENTS.

  1. Distance around the arch on opening side (bottom of frame to bottom of frame)
  2. Length of the hoop building (closed side)
  3. Width at ground level
  4. Height to top center
  5. Leg spacing (center to center)
  6. Leg outside diameter in inches (this must be very accurate)
  7. Zipper door height (if end panel with door is needed)
  8. Zipper door width (if end panel with door is needed)

We also offer custom manufactured end panels for hoop buildings and shelters.   Many customers desire to have a completely enclosed structure to protect the inside contents from Mother Nature.  In this case, zippers may be needed to allow an entry into the building.   Zippers can be placed on one side of the hoop building or both sides.  All end panel covers are shipped in square or rectangular shapes due to each hoop building being unique in shape.   It is the customer’s responsibility to remove the excess cover end panel material after installation.  This process can be completed with a standard utility knife. All replacement end panels are shipped with aluminum grip clips and self drilling machine screws to hold the replacement panel securely in place.  We offer replacement covers for all brands including Coverall replacement covers.

Upon completion of the frame inspection and measurements, please contact us with the measurements and a complete shipping address.   We will then provide an accurate quote with an approximate delivery time.   Hoop building replacement covers and end panels are shipped on wood pallets and boxes to protect against shipping damage.   We also invite you to view our YouTube videos which demonstrate the measurements needed in addition to how to install a replacement cover.