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Portable garages - RV and boat

Fabric covered RV portable garages continue to be one of the most affordable and convenient methods of outdoor storage for RV's, motorhomes, boats, and equipment. These metal framed freestanding garage structures are used all across the United States and Canada for thousands of applications beyond what is mentioned above. Although there are a number of different portable garage shapes and styles, the most common styles are round and peak (the peak style units are often called "A-frame" or "house" style). The round style garage units have a completely arched shape or straight sided walls with a round shape across the top. The peak style portable garages typically have straight sided walls with a "pointed" top which offer a residential or "house" style appearance.
The round style portable RV garage units can often have sloped sidewalls which provide for less interior garage storage space. If the entire portable RV garage is round in shape (similar to a half circle), then the amount of interior storage volume could be greatly reduced. One tremendous benefit of the round style RV garage units is that they perform better than a peak style units in high moisture and windy conditions. In addition, the moisture tends to drain off of the portable garage sides as opposed to gathering on the top of the portable RV shelter. The peak style units may have a slight inward slope on the side panels, however, these are typically more vertical than the arched shape. These "vertical" side walls provide for more internal storage volume when compared to the round shape. As a result of the straight side walls, the peak style units are optimal for storing tall RV and boat products. Portable garages are a great outdoor storage alternative. Each prospective buyer should consider all available styles and consider their individual storage needs prior to purchasing one of our portable garages.

Our RV portable garages are intended to provide consumers with the ideal outdoor storage solution for RVs, box trucks, boats, and equipment. In order to make an informative decision, we always strive to provide our potential customers with the maximum amount of information possible. There are a number of frequent questions which can be answered by viewing our frequently asked questions page. In addition, our terms and conditions page will provide consumers with specific details regarding their purchase. We always strive to provide a desirable purchasing process. Our ordering and shipping page provides consumers with more details regarding RV garage ordering and delivery. All portable garage customers desire to understand the complete warranty situation regarding their product. As a result, the warranty and returns section will provide all of these details for fabric covered portable RV shelters. If for any reason, these information pages do not answer your questions, will invite you to contact us by email or phone.